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Remodelling existing housing to address demand - the bathroom solution

Written by Robin Tuffley Published: 20 July 2019

A Local Government Association report said that by 2030 the over 65’s will make up 1 in 5 of the population.

palma vitaThe demand for specialist housing is therefore set to become more significant. Home adaptations affect the bathroom more than any other room within the home, and the toilet is the most frequently changed element therein. 

The potential of remodelling existing housing stock to cope with the growing need for specialist accommodation for older and disabled people is being mooted as an effective solution to providing adequate, appropriate homes.  That concept is being given a helping hand to deliver best value. …

The package- Palma Life- centres around replacing a conventional WC with a Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry (shower or ‘smart’) toilet. The package includes a total 10 years’ service plan(*), delivering a ‘fit and forget’ solution for housing providers.

It means a home is, in the bathroom at least, more accessible for the tenant, giving them improved hygiene whether or not they yet need care support or intervention to use the WC. If their mobility requires the provision of care, this can be- with the toilet at least- avoided using the Closomat equipment. 

Looking like, and capable of being used as, a conventional WC, the Closomat Palma Vita has integrated douching and drying. The user is therefore washed and dried after ‘going’, eliminating the need to wipe clean with paper. It yields a more hygienic, cleaner end result- regardless of the user’s mobility or otherwise.

Innovatively, and uniquely, the Closomat Palma Vita is the only fixture of its kind that can be retrospectively accessorised to enable to user to continue to use it despite deterioration in their mobility and independence. Further, should the tenancy change, the equipment is in place ready to accommodate the next occupant.

The Palma Life package gives housing providers a ‘best value’ solution to taking steps towards improving availability of appropriate housing. It can be factored into scheduled maintenance programmes, potentially covered by a Disabled Facilities Grant or Care & Support Specialised Housing Fund, or our in-house C(DM) project management capability can be utilised to expediate a timely and effective modification.

(note: Closomat is the market leader in ‘smart’ wash & dry toilets for elderly and disabled people. It was the first company to introduce shower toilets into the UK, almost 60 years ago. Uniquely, it is the only shower toilet company based in Britain, with British manufacture and full customer support before, during and after sales. Its uniqueness extends further: it is the only company in the sector to have its own, dedicated, nationwide team of service engineers, to commission every unit and deliver timely rectification of any issues (subject to the appropriate service agreement). )


 (*)Palma Life package = £4415= purchase price of Closomat Palma Vita with standard free one year service & maintenance, plus a further nine years’ service & maintenance.

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