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A big issue- obesity and daily life

Written by Angela May Published: 1 July 2019

Obesity: we all know it’s a big (excuse the pun) issue. We all know it impacts on our health- indeed, latest figures report a 15% increase on obesity related hospital admissions. 

bariatric palma

But do we think about how it impacts on our ability to go about daily life? Going to the loo? As a nation, going to the toilet is usually treated as a joke in conversation, but it is no laughing matter, especially if you are a larger person. 

Obesity is a serious issue, we have no intention of trivialising it, but maybe focusing the mind on something people can identify with may go some way towards encouraging a change in lifestyle.

Humans ‘go’ on average eight times a day, so our ability to use the toilet is a bigger consideration than we think. Obesity poses a problem, even if the only consideration is pure body mass. 

Is the WC strong enough to support your body mass? Think of the implications if it is not.

Is your bottom even centrally over the pan? Again, think of the implications if it is not…

How do you reach those intimate parts to clean properly after going? Again, think of the implications if it is not…

Are you sure you are clean and dry, even in the recesses of skin folds? Again, think of the implications if it is not…

Many of the health issues associated with obesity also impact on one’s ability to use the WC. 

Obesity can cause an increase in faecal incontinence(*). 

It is known to be associated with incidence of Type 2 diabetes, but what is little appreciated by the wider public is that can affect your limbs, leading to amputation. Diabetes UK reports a 30% increase in diabetes-related amputations- equivalent to 24 people a day losing a limb. How can you sit on the loo safely, wipe your bottom, if you are missing a leg or an arm?



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