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Changing Places - What people want

  • Angela May

Compromise: It’s what the world is built on. One size does NOT fit all. But it CAN fit the majority…

CP usersIt is impossible to please everyone, to develop one idea that answers everyone’s needs. All we can endeavour to do is try and meet the needs of as many people as possible. We can also refine concepts, adapt them to evolve.

Is that something to happen to Changing Places? 

Current Regulations require that at very least a building has in terms of WC provision is a unisex wheelchair accessible toilet. That was initially decided before the concept of Changing Places, on the basis that it was as close as possible to one facility, that met the needs of the majority. Although Regulations have since been updated, the basic provision was not correspondingly amended.

But life, concepts have further evolved. Changing Places are now widely called for. Do we need to evolve our basic requirement in WC provision so that the bare minimum requirement is a Changing Places (or Space to Change)?

In that single, 7.5m2+ space, it is possible to meet the needs of MOST people’s limitations, whether physical, mental or sensory. It meets all gender requirements. The changing bench capability meets the needs of any sized human that wears a nappy. The hoist deals with safe, strain-free manoeuvring for the user and their carer.

In an ideal world, the core requirements of a Changing Places would also evolve. The British Standard already notes that replacement of a conventional WC with a shower/ wash dry toilet is of benefit to many users. Should that become actually part of the basic Standard?

We are occassionally asked if the toilet height itself can be adjusted. In principle it can, and usually is set to the individual user preference when installed in someone’s home. It is harder to achieve in a multi-user environment such as a Changing Places, but can be done….

Just as there are height adjustable variants of wash basins and changing benches, so too there is for a wash dry/ shower toilet- our Lima Lifter. Inevitably it costs more, but so does a height adjustable washbasin compared to a fixed one. 

What do you want?


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