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Dealing with family life- in the bathroom

  • Angela May

The rising price of buying a home. The rising price of renting. Our parents living longer but starting to struggle to cope on their own. All are factors influencing the growth of “multi generational” living.

asana accessible bathroomWe all have experiences of sharing a home- whose turn is it to cook, wash up, use the bathroom. That latter is, with the rise in multi-generational living, a growing problem. It’s not just addressing the logistics of time, but ability, especially if the silver generation is less mobile. It’s the WC that it affects the most: we go to the toilet on average eight times a day, so if you have three generations in a home, that’s a lot of toilet trips.

It’s a sensitive topic, not least because the chances are the middle generation is aware mother or father is struggling to maintain their intimate care, but how to broach the subject? We don’t talk toilet.

How do you adapt the bathroom so they can use it safely, and independently, but still maintain a stylish environment, without offending their pride, but ensuring they are clean? Maybe the solution is to upgrade the WC to a shower/ wash dry loo. Everyone can use it, and each person in the home can choose whether or not to use conventionally or to take advantage of the integrated douching and drying.

After all, which is a more efficient and hygienic cleaning technique- to wash with water or wipe with a piece of paper or towel?

And developments in technology mean that such fixtures- sometimes called smart toilets- are just that, smart. They are smart to look at, and smart in what they can do. They are aspirational.

And the best have some smart features, such as remote controls to operate them, an integrated ambient spotlight so it can be easily located on a night trip to the bathroom, and sleek support systems that can fold discreetly away if not needed.

So changing the WC is one way to help smooth multi-generational living on a day to day basis, to please everyone, from the youngest to the oldest member of the family.

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