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Enabling someone to do more than ‘manage’ delivers a great outcome

  • Angela May

Would you want someone to wipe your bottom?
Would you want to wipe someone’s bottom?   

single handed careThe answers to both is most likely ‘no’.

That serves to demonstrate that appropriate specification and use of assistive technology / equipment ensures perhaps the ultimate in outcome management.

Providing a shower toilet, perhaps with a toilet lift, ensures that the core objective of good outcome management is achieved i.e. the client’s want to retain dignity and independence is met. They are empowered to be in control.

But there are hidden benefits above and beyond.

Care staff are released from all the health & safety issues involved in helping someone toilet – the potential, perceived invasion of someone’s privacy by wiping them clean, the health considerations of potential faecal and/or urinary contamination, the safety of manual handling someone whilst cleaning them.

From a practical point of view, as importantly, best value is achieved in use of available funds. Purchase of the kit represents less than 50% of the cost of a year of care for toileting (based on 14 hours/week). And it is a purchase cost, i.e. a one-off cost, that enables the client to be independent for years to come. Providing a carer to do the same job is an on-going cost, year after year.

It’s effective outcome management, that focuses on, and achieves what the client wants, and makes best use of the services and resources available.

Is it a strategy worth considering?

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