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Shout for your right- to toilet

  • Angela May

Fingers crossed, despite all the furore over Brexit, this month should see the second reading of the Toilets (Accessibility & Provision) Bill. It aims to make Changing Places toilets a legal requirement, at least in certain venues.

inverness airport peopleBut just because a bill is being debated does not mean it will become law any time soon.

Statistically, only about 10% of private members bills- of which this is one- actually become legislation.

One can but hope that the more people call for something, the greater the chance that Parliament will heed. After all, WE elect MPs, they are our representatives.

So now is the time to make them earn your vote, to petition them to turn up to the reading (scheduled for March 15) and add their voices to the call. Email them, phone them, message them, call in to their surgeries.
Make them sing for their supper and:
Shout for your right
Wherever you ‘go’
Home and away
(thank you Beastie Boys, Miley Cyrus, Robertson Brothers)

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