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Get the commission

  • Angela May

“Plug and play” is a description we are now used to, and which we expect as standard from modern tech. But there are certain things we still want- or need- to have an expert execute for us.

service engineersWould you, for example, pick up a new car, just collect the keys and drive off? Would you have a gas cooker delivered and connect it yourself to the mains? Do you get your new smart phone and just use it, or do you set up ring tones, screen savers, download specific apps etc?

Sometimes, it pays to have something checked first, and/or the features of a new acquisition explained to you. The same applies to shower toilets, especially if there is no cost involved. It’s about getting your full value for money.

For most people, when a shower toilet is installed, it is the first time they have had such a piece of assistive technology. If they did see one at first hand, it was probably months before, and they may have either forgotten some of the key features, or not even be aware of them. And we all know stories of small or large building projects that have not been done quite to standard.

These are all reasons why it pays to have a shower toilet commissioned. It is part of the package, to shows a degree of care above and beyond. And it is proven time and again to be, whilst not a life saver, a life changer.

Firstly, there are a raft of Regulations with which to comply in connecting any fixture to the mains water supply. That includes not only Building Regulations/ building control, but also water regulations (WRAS).And there is a need for application of a degree of common sense.

To cite a real life example, just last week we commissioned a shower toilet to find it had been fitted to the floor using basic wood screws. These will rust, and potentially not be strong enough to hold the toilet in place long term, especially if the WC is being subjected to greater loads than ‘normal’ if the user is transferring from a wheelchair. Imagine the consequences of the WC tipping or moving as you try to get on or off….

As a user you may have a skin sensitivity, so need the douche warm water set cooler. You may have forgotten how to operate it, or not realise the various techniques available.

Such detail is all addressed in a commissioning visit.

It’s the extra peace of mind that the WC is properly fitted, compliant with all relevant Regulations, it has been set up to the user’s own personal requirements, and, most importantly, they understand how to use it properly. It means the headaches of return trips to rectify poor workmanship, or explain to the user how the kit works, are minimised.

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