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Shape shifters

What’s your excuse?

We’ve said many a time that one of the most common excuses enterprises use when discussing the addition of a Changing Places Toilet to their facilities, they don’t have the space.

cp shapeThe reality shows that actually, often, they do. They just don’t realise it, because the space they have is not one, single room 3m x 4m/ 12m2.

Whilst that is the ideal, so long as there is the space (in all dimensions) to accommodate all the equipment in a useable fashion, for the occupants to use the room effectively, it can still be achieved.

The room may not be a typical oblong. It may mean knocking a wall down between two existing rooms, or extending the room into an adjoining space.

They key is the correct positioning and interfacing of the various fixtures, even if some are around a corner, or set at an oblique angle.

Provided a reputable designer and installer are used, who are aware and fully appreciate the user considerations as well as the legal and specification criteria, it is amazing what can be achieved in the most weirdly shaped space.

These user considerations are vital to ensure that was is achieved will deliver, will provide an inviable facility for those that need it. If it is not useable, the trouble you have gone to will be wasted.

There was an installation highlighted by campaigners recently that included all the equipment, but the hoist did not reach the toilet. The facility complied with the requirements. But, as far as users are concerned, the room is largely unuseable. What is the point of taking someone disabled to the toilet, so they can ‘go’, and then not being able to get them to the very piece of equipment they need?
There has been another where the ceiling height was lower than the 2.4m required, so whilst ihe facility had a hoist, it was unuseable as there was insufficient clearance to lift someone onto the toilet or changing bench.

We have completed installations in rooms which taper, rooms which go round corners, rooms that are 7.5m2 total, rooms that are 20m2 total. The shape does not really matter. It is size and positioning that are fundamental.

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