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Include the loo in bathroom accessories

  • Mark Sadler

When we make the decision to refurbish the bathroom, we typically think about colour schemes, accessories and the little touches that make it personal,

to suit our specific needs- the type of bath, bath v wetroom, the size and siting of a mirror, the quantity and location of shelving etc. All things that mean we can enjoy, and use the space, to its optimum, for years to come.

closomat palma vita wetroom webBut did you know the same can be applied to the toilet?

Changing a conventional WC for a ‘smart’ shower toilet does not just bring style to the bathroom. With integrated douche and dry functions, it brings a new level of hygiene and cleanliness.

But, just as you would with any significant purchase, it is taking time to get the one that’s right for you, to make a ‘wish list’.

Your first issue is whether to choose a wall-hung or floor-mounted toilet. It’s not just the look that is a consideration. Will the bathroom walls be strong enough to cope with the weight of the suspended toilet (and you sat on it)?

What does it include? Believe it or not, not all come as standard with a lid.

What is its performance like? Again, believe it or not, there is no Standard, so some will wash really well, others less so. The angle of the douche affects the performance too. Similarly, some include drying, some do not, and the degree of drying performance can vary.

How is it operated? Many are push button, with a supplementary remote control. How easily can you operate those buttons, that remote control? And what about if you develop arthritis- which affects 1 in 6 of us- or some other issue that affects and impairs your manual dexterity and/or mobility: are there ways you can still operate- and use- the loo without help?

Get it right, and your toilet will enhance your bathroom, not just as a style statement but as a piece of ‘tech’ that will leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy, cleaner than you have ever felt before.

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