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Going to the toilet- an essential part of our physiological need

  • Robin Tuffley

Going to the toilet- excretion- is one of the most fundamental needs for human survival. It is a basic building block, according to Abraham Maslaw in his Theory of Human Motivation.

karl van gool familyWhat many people do not appreciate is how meeting that need, in a dignified manner, impacts higher up Maslaw’s tree: it figures under esteem. Time and again, when talking to clients, they refer to the feeling of dignity and independence that using a shower toilet gives them.

It makes them feel empowered, enabled. It makes them feel normal, to have control over a very basic, very intimate activity. Those feelings all help counter feelings of stress, anxiety, so something as simple as being able to go to the toilet independently has a positive impact on our mental health too.

There is increasing awareness of mental health. Few of us would even consider using the toilet as a possible cause of stress, anxiety. It may figure if we have a continence issue, IBS or similar But, as we point out time and again: would you like someone to wipe YOUR bottom?

Enabling someone to use the WC, without help, does not just address a physical requirement. It provides a holistic solution, meeting the mental need too.

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