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Just for one day?

  • Kelvin Grimes

With summer approaching, we all start planning trips, days out. But for the millions of families with a disabled member, those plans are too often curtailed by the fact they can’t find suitable toilets when they get there. They don’t just need a WC, they need help to be lifted from a wheelchair, or they need changing, or they need space to accommodate their carer(s) too.

So you find a situation where those families are thrilled that a venue has hired an assisted, accessible facility for a day. They invite friends to go along with them, excited that, for one day in the whole year, they can go to that place….

I fully acknowledge that mobile toilets have a value, and are a huge benefit. Not every potential venue is permanent- it may be a festival that runs for a few days; it may be small (eg a few hundred visitors/month), or a charity …

But people who need those facilities don’t need them just for one day.

They need them every day.

If you are a permanent venue, attracting thousands of people a day/week/month, and acknowledge that, to open our doors to everyone, you need to hire a mobile facility, why not put in a permanent facility?

Which is worse? To not have any such toilets at all, or to say to someone: ‘we recognise we need to do something extra to accommodate you, we’ll do that, but you can only come on one specific day’?

What impact would it have on your other guests’ enjoyment if you upgrade an existing wheelchair accessible toilet by losing a female cubicle, or a single urinal, to gain enough space to add a changing bench? Add a hoist whilst you’re about it- that doesn’t even take up any space! They won’t even notice, but it will make a world of difference to your guests who need those facilities- and your bottom line! They would be able to come whenever they like, as often as they like, not… ….

just for one day.

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