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Would you pull your pants down in public?

  • Angela May

Looathon 2018Campaigners believe so strongly in the need to highlight the lack of suitable toilets for people who need help, they’re doing just that this month, with the first #Looathon.

It’s organised by Sarah Brisdion, who got the Changing Places campaign on national TV at Christmas with her #LooAdvent, including getting the presenters of The Last Leg to participate.

On May 11, from 10.00- 4.00pm, a team of campaigners will during the course of the day sit on the loo in a store window in Baker St, London, to raise awareness of the need for Changing Places assisted accessible toilets.

Sarah puts it in perspective: “I will be taking my loo selfie stunt to a whole new level…. by sitting on the toilet in a Bathstore showroom window on Baker Street, London, in full view of the public, pants down, for a whole day! My mission is to raise awareness of the dire conditions that my son, Hadley, and hundreds of thousands of other disabled people face when using the toilet away from home.

“To put the issue in context, Wembley Stadium, for example, there are more than 2,500 toilets. Just one of those is a Changing Places. In the WHOLE of the UK, there are less than 1250 Changing Places. It’s shocking that in 2018, disabled people still have to endure this. We need to put a stop to this inhumane situation and encourage venues to upgrade their facilities and become more inclusive. It isn’t hard, as I’ve already proved at Longdown Activity Farm…”

Toilets are not glamorous. We shy away from talking about pee, poo and periods, so campaigners have to go to extreme lengths to get their cause noticed.

Conventional wheelchair-accessible toilets only accommodate the user, and assume an ability to safely transfer, unaided, from chair to WC and back. Many disabled people need help to transfer. They may need changing.

Changing Places give more space to accommodate the disabled person and their carer. They give extra equipment to enable hygienic, safe intimate care- a hoist, to lift, and a changing bench.

Find out more about Sarah’s campaign, and Changing Places here:

And how easy it can be here: Self Contained Changing Places

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