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Weight and toileting

  • Mark Sadler

Ulem GrantThere is a frightening connection between your body weight and your ability to go to the toilet. 

It can mean that you can’t go to the loo without help. You need someone to wipe your bum. 

The issue is affecting more and more of us- now 25% of the population is obese. New analysis says that obesity has tripled in the last 30 years. The research also maintains that, on figures relating to obesity, potentially there are over 12million people at risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

Diabetes UK further says the number of limb amputations arising from the disease is at an all time high- more than 20 /day! The illness is the leading cause of amputation in Britain. 

You may already be experiencing the impact that your weight has on your ability to go to the toilet. Think of the impact the loss of a limb has on that too. 

For that most intimate of activities, you need help. You can’t easily get on or off the toilet. You can’t easily bend, twist, to wipe yourself clean. You risk falling off the WC if you try. You may be finding the seat brackets break more easily. You may not be able to sit properly over the pan. You may not be able to reach your intimate parts. 

Going to the toilet is something we do on average eight times a day, so it impacts on you several times each and every day. 

It’s not a subject usually discussed, particularly with our British reserve over matters toiletary. Just rest assured that help is at hand. Aids exist to help restore your independence in the loo. To restore your dignity. To give you back your privacy. And potentially make going to the loo an experience you look forward to, that actually improves your intimate hygiene. 

Just push, wash & dry…

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