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How #valuable is disability? #strictly speaking, very!

  • Claire Haymes

There’s a new global campaign to encourage business to tackle disability exclusion around the world- #valuable. 

University of Cambridge

The aim is to encourage more businesses to employ disabled people. For many businesses, they see only the problems of employing someone with a limitation, rather than appreciating the potential they have. Imagine if the University of Cambridge had judged Stephen Hawking on his disability? 

What deters many businesses is the thought of adaptations or alterations they would need to make to accommodate a disabled person.

True, if someone has a mobility issue, there are changes that would need to be made, to ensure they can easily access, and exit, the building, and use it during the working day- right through to answering the call of nature! 

But those considerations apply anyway. Customers need to access the building. One in five people is disabled. Would any right-minded business deliberately exclude 20% of its customer base? 

And many disabilities don’t impact significantly on a person’s ability to ‘do the job’. Look at Jonnie Peacock in the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing. He proved that a limitation is often only in the mind. 

If one puts one’s mind to it, anything is possible.

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