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Care extends beyond SEN

  • Kelvin Grimes

Some 1/4m special educational needs / EHC (education health & care) statement are issued every year. Many of those children require help with their personal hygiene, hence the Department for Education’s requirement for schools to include hygiene rooms, or care suites.

But do many educational staff whose premises have such a facility think beyond its wider potential? Some 1million children- 1 in 12- are affected by continence, so access to a suitable facility in which they can be cleaned, or get themselves clean, is more important than many may think.

A good hygiene room is more than just a wheelchair-accessible toilet. It has a changing bench and hoist. Ideally, it should have a shower and privacy screen, so ‘little accidents’ can be effectively yet discreetly dealt with. And with touches such as height-adjustable washbasins, it can adapt to all users, whatever their size.

And a well-equipped hygiene room potentially extends the school’s ‘out of hours’/community use, opening the doors to the thousands of people who rely on a carer to go out and about, and assist with personal hygiene….


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