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Feeling the pressure?

  • Mark Sadler

When it comes to choosing a wash/dry toilet, the key is in its name: it is to WASH the bum. But you’d be surprised how often this doesn’t happen properly!

A good performance comes down to three things- having sufficient water, and water pressure, to do the job, being sat in the right position so the water ‘hits the spot’, and having the correct douche positioning, for the same reason.

A recent survey among wash/dry toilet users highlighted that wash performance, is one of the major influencing factors in their perception of how good the unit is, and their choice.

Interestingly, for specifiers the wash performance was much less of an issue, with cost being a driving factor in the decision process. Yet often, less effective units, chosen initially because they were cheaper, end up being replaced because they do not deliver, so money was wasted….

Compare ‘technical specification’: water flow rate, pressure, length of the wash process, water temperature. Check too whether the pressure can be adjusted: a hemorrhoids or diverticulitis sufferer would not want as high a pressure as someone with faecal incontinence or diarrhea.

Ideally, ‘try before you buy’. Then you have a real appreciation of the wash performance.

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