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  • Kelvin Grimes

There is an adage, especially in the building industry, that you get what you pay for. It usually means equipment, but it also applies to people! Contractors could save themselves, and their clients, significant amounts of money, time and stress, by paying for good workmen and common sense!


I can only apply this to my experience as project manager installing washrooms, hygiene rooms, but it applies through all aspects of the build process. To cite specifics I have encountered lately…

  • getting to site to install a washroom: no plumbing yet piped to the room
  • ditto, yet substitute electrics for plumbing
  • a height adjustable unit with concealed plumbing & wiring, where the cover to hide and protect those has been installed BEHIND them, leaving all exposed
  • building a stud wall on which to mount an adult-sized changing bench capable of taking a 200kg load

Budgets are always under pressure, but contractors who fail to apply logic and thus cost their clients time and money through project delays will find business is not repeated. Doing it right in the first place will help ensure the relationship continues in the long term. Happy customers are retained customers.

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