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Diabetes- a hidden impact

  • Mark Sadler

Say diabetes to people, and they don’t logically think of toilets, but going to the loo is a bigger issue than you think.

A typical symptom of the disease is increased need to urinate. And suprisingly to many, diabetes is now the biggest cause of amputation in the UK: there are allegedly now some 10,000 amputees in the UK, and over 350 amputations a week, mainly as a result of the illness.

If you are missing limbs, it is difficult to carry out many daily tasks- including going to the toilet: without a hand, how do you clean yourself, without a leg, how do you sit safely, balance…?

We go to the toilet on average eight times a day, so the ability to do this, with independence and dignity, is an issue. A Clos-o-Mat, and/or Aerolet toilet lift, will go a fair way to restoring independence and dignity, at least in the toilet!

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