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Hoisting up requirements for away from home toilets

  • Kelvin Grimes

New research has shown that for 80% of people surveyed, having an accessible toilet was important when going out and about*. So, on the basis that disabled people spend over £200BILLION a year, getting the toilets right is a key priority for providers.

Should they also throw into the mix, however, the consideration that Lifetimes Homes standards have been revised, to now require provision for a ceiling track hoist to be included into homes, to facilitate transfer from bedroom the bathroom? It is a reflection of our growing disabled population, and possibly our growing obesity. If is now viewed as such an important inclusion in the home, should similar be incorporated into accessible toilets away from home?

It’s not just disabled and overweight adults that need such equipment: we have a growing number of children with disabilities and special needs, who need help to toilet. When they are babies, parents can cope; once they grow, lifting them from a wheelchair onto a toilet becomes a big problem when away from home, a problem that a hoist would help alleviate.

Inclusion of a hoist requires no more space be allocated. And as a capital expense it can be offset against tax….

And if it’s publicised, it may well encourage people who would otherwise not have visited to come, increasing revenue…

*Disabled Access Day, Euan’s Guide access survey 2015

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