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Top 10 tips for an accessible toilet

  • Mark Sadler

Theory is great, but think ahead to the practicalities: that applies to many things in life, but especially choosing an accessible wash and dry toilet.

  1. Beauty is only skin deep: it may look pretty but can you transfer onto it easily, and do you feel safe when sat on it?
  2. Sitting comfortably: are you comfortable and supported on the seat?
  3. Are you in the right position? For effective evacuation, we need to be sat with a supported, straight back, 90-degree bend at the hips, and have cheeks slightly parted?
  4. Is it set at the right height for you ie can you get on and off easily, and are your feet on the floor when you are sat on it?
  5. Will it do the job? Is the douche set at an appropriate angle to wash you effectively? Does it deliver adequate water pressure and volume to clean you? Does it dry you properly after?
  6. Can you operate it easily?
  7. Can it be used with other aids- support arms, toilet lifters, bariatric accessories?
  8. Is it strong enough? Transferring from a wheelchair or support frame places additional loading on brackets.
  9. Anti-slip: again, in transfer you want to be assured the toilet seat stays where it is and doesn’t move sideways!
  10. Can it adapt to your changing needs?

If you’ve ticked those boxes, you’ve got the right toilet for you!

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