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  • Angela May

How long have you had your toilet?

Would you rely on a heating boiler to work for years and years without a service or any parts being replaced? Probably not. The same applies to your toilet.

We use the toilet on average eight times a day- more than any other fixture in the home- so it takes some wear and tear. Even your basic WC will require some remedial work- seat brackets tightening, flush replaced, ballcock valve adjusted….

The same applies to a wash & dry toilet. With appropriate ‘TLC’- at least an annual service- it will give you toileting independence for up to 30 years.

And our full service and repair package is cost comparable with that for a boiler package*, and has no call out charge, nor excess to pay on top.

*Total Hygiene service contract £15/month; typical boiler service contract (USwitch) £13/month

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