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Milestone marker

  • Angela May

2016 is turning into quite a year for Total Hygiene, the company behind the Closomat brand.

It’s 55 years ago since the company was started, building on the ethos of our founder ‘Mr Robert’ that everyone should be able to go to the toilet with dignity, without having to have someone help them, wipe their bum.

His ethos arose from issues being faced by his own parents. Our technology has evolved significantly since then, but the core need has not changed. People of all ages still need help to be clean after going to the loo. If that can be done hygienically, privately, even better!

Our clients say you can’t put a price on the feeling of wellbeing they experience when they have their Closomat installed. The price of freedom, being able to go to the loo when they like, without someone being there to wipe them. WE can put a price on it- less than 75p/day!

So if your parents- or child- is struggling to clean after toileting, follow Mr Robert’s example, and go Closomat.

Closomat Limited, Building 1, Brooklands Place, Brooklands Road, Sale Cheshire, M33 3SD