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Made in Chelsea, wee’d in Chelsea

  • Sarah Rennie

Sarah Rennie

Whilst I'm not particularly a birthday-celebrating sort of person I will happily BE one if I'm offered of a day of cocktails in London on an otherwise working day!

After checking the map this weekend, I clocked a Changing Places WC at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

I got up today at 7am, packed my hoist sling and, on the train down to London, mentioned to my sister how nervous I was about the toilet being in full working order. If it wasn't useable, it would be 14 hours without going to the loo. Whilst this is a regular occurrence for me, I would normally mitigate the painful effects by not drinking. Today was not going to be a non-drinking day... Sarah Rennies SisterWe headed for the Kings Road and had a delicious lunch (teamed with bubbles and wine) at the Bluebird restaurant. Then my sister bought me a birthday gift and we toasted this achievement with a mojito in The Ivy Garden. 

Then the dreaded moment came. We walked 15mins to the hospital and the receptionist pointed us straight to the CP facility. Unfortunately there was no lock on the door but my Auntie played doorman. It was an otherwise clean, spacious and well cared for facility.

With an empty bladder, it was time to refuel. We didn't fancy the walk back (and this loo break had taken up an hour of valuable 'fun times') so we jumped in a cab and ended up in the Phene for some G&Ts.

Admittedly, it's a bit odd heading to the hospital on a day out like this, but it's good to know the facility is there and open 24/7 should I need a late night urination station. Plus, I'm on the train home feeling relaxed, refreshed and lucky (with a happy bladder!)

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