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Double discrimination

  • Angela May

NCP Bolton

Inaccessibility doesn’t just discriminate against a disabled person. It discriminates against their carers, their families. If the disabled person is out and about anywhere with someone else, if they can’t access somewhere, nor can the person with them. Or the people, family members with them.

So inaccessible venues lose out on the custom of not just one person, but potentially a whole family. And they will tell their friends, who may also decide NOT to visit.

It is maintained that 20% of the average business’ customers are disabled. So if you are not accessible, you miss out on that 20%. But also the hidden % that is their carer(s), families, friends…..

Our research indicates that up to 5million people in the UK need more space, and/or an adult-sized changing bench, and/or a hoist to go to the loo when away from home.

So on that basis, what may seem an ‘unreasonable’ adjustment for a small percentage actually needs to be set against a bigger %. So maybe it IS worth making, after all?

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