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Join up services to obtain better outcomes

  • Angela May

Barbara West's PalmaBy 2025 almost 1.5 million people aged 75 or over will be unable to manage at least one mobility/daily living activity on their own- specifically including going to the toilet on their own.

The accepted solution has been to provide a care worker to come in and help the client with their toileting needs. But does that mean it’s the right way?

There is much talk about delivery of Better Outcomes- providing aids to help people remain independent rather than relying on homecare. The concept is proven in practice, but it is still not widely implemented. As budgets become ever more stretched maybe now, more than ever, we petition our local authorities to make better use of what available funds there are. Invest in aids to help people live independently, help them feel they don’t have to wait for a stranger to come and help them do something so intimate and personal.

The cost of providing an aid instead of a care worker is usually amortised within weeks. And if we’re going to look at it purely in monetary terms, what savings are made in release of healthcare services as the elderly person feels so much more in control?

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