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The changing landscape in away from home toilets

  • Angela May

Recent evidence has revealed that in the last decade over 1700 public conveniences have closed, and some councils no longer provide ANY. But are we actually being left ‘high and dry’ with nowhere to toilet when away from home?

Barlow Park

Our experience is that actually what is happening is that away from home toilet provision is evolving. And often, it is now better, more welcoming.

Yes local authority toilets are closing, but in their place, more venues are opening their (toilet) doors to us. There are more coffee shops, restaurants, shopping centres that now have inviting toilets. They realise the financial benefit of providing good facilities. It is established that we make conscious decisions to go places where we know there are appropriate, clean toilets. If we go there, chances are we will spend money there. 

And, slowly but surely, venues are also realising that they need to address a wider range of needs. More assisted, accessible toilets are opening every week, giving toilets plus a bench and hoist.

And increasingly, they are reporting that such facilities ARE being used, when people know about them. Apart from the obvious of signposting them, maybe they host an event specifically aimed at potential users? How do you think they should ‘spread the word’?

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