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Rio 2016: the power of determination

  • Angela May

Liz Farrelly

We watched in awe the personal triumphs at Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, which demonstrated again a human being’s ability to defy the odds.

That determination is something we at Closomat see on a daily basis: so many of our clients fight and strive to undertake even basic things that most of us just do without a second thought- including going to the loo. And the majority of our clients do so with no complaint; they maintain their disability gives them a different perspective on life.

One female client related a story to us recently that a little girl was fascinated by her wheelchair when out shopping; a conversation ensued about why she was using the device. When our client explained she couldn’t use her legs, and some of her other issues, the little girl looked up at her and said “but you can still eat ice cream!” Our client took the comment with the joy it was meant, and it is now her mantra. As she says, life isn’t about what you can’t do, but what you CAN.


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