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What’s in a word?

  • Angela May

Cornwall Services

Those three little words have huge power, especially when it comes to Regulatory compliance. Some take them as good guidance on what they, as providers, ought to- and do- aspire to supply. Others view them as the ‘get-out’ clause- they deliver no obligation or compunction to ‘go the extra distance’.

We are supposed to live in an accessible, inclusive society. The tens of thousands of people who need help to toilet, be it help to transfer from wheelchair to toilet, an appropriate environment in which to deal with a full colostomy bag, or facilities to change any human bigger than a baby, would dispute that we do.

They would love all architects, facilities managers, customer services managers, estates managers etc to adopt the Olympian power of determination, to triumph, and go that extra distance, and provide appropriate facilities. In real terms, the distance is just, at its least, an extra 5m2….

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