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Can your toilet do that?!

  • Angela May

Palma Vita

How many day-to-day things do more than a basic function? Phones, for example: you don’t just make calls, but take pictures, send messages, surf the ‘net. Printers scan and copy. Camers don’t just take photos, they video.

And in our case, the toilet doesn’t just serve as somewhere to relieve your bladder or bowel…

It will wash you after. It will dry you. It will do so effectively. You can choose (within reason!) how/where it washes you. You can choose the softness of the seat. You can choose the size of the seat. You can choose how you operate it. You can choose what height you want. You can choose what supports you want. It can fit perfectly whether you are small child or someone significantly larger. 

Can your toilet do that…?

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