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Create value for clients- take it down the line to customers too!

  • Angela May

Touchwood Internal

In the commercial world, we always have to balance the ROI, optimise value. Usually the consideration only goes as far as what the client wants, but what about taking it a step beyond, to what the client’s customers want?

Touchwood ExternalPlease the end customers, and they visit the venue, bring their friends, families, spend money, and return…

And think beyond the obvious- the offering should extend to the toilets. Research shows that people make a conscious decision NOT to visit somewhere if they believe there are not suitable toilets. Now that may just mean, to them, that the toilets are clean, maintained eg loo paper available! But to up to 14million people, it means much more…

Up to 20% of our population are disabled. ‘Standard’ accessible toilets meet the needs of many, but by no means all. Hundreds of thousands of people need more space, a changing bench, and/or a hoist. 

So allocating a little more - no more than 12m2- of space, and spending comparatively little extra on those fittings, and you open the door to those 14million people. 14 million people who spend £212BILLION a year*. ….attracting them surely equates to a good ROI?

*Department of Work & Pensions

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