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Fit for purpose?

  • Angela May

Whatever appliance, tool we use in our daily life, we expect it to be fit for purpose.

If you are disabled, and need specialist toilet equipment, that you use several times a day, every day, that is even more essential.

You want to be able to easily get on and off it. You want to seat to stay put as you transfer! You want to be able to operate it easily, whether you’re having a good day or a bad day.

You want it to last!

If it’s a wash & dry toilet, you want it to do that, effectively, consistently. And most importantly, if there should be a problem, you want it sorted. Quickly.

There’s an adage that says ‘you get what you pay for’: in toileting assistive technology, this is certainly true. Goods aren’t necessarily ‘cheap’ or ‘expensive’ they are ‘value for money’ – or not.

Another way to look at it is cost/use… do you want the ‘cheap and cheerful’ top that you expect to last only a season, or the more expensive, better quality one from a more up-market High St brand that you know will last for years, and, if there’s a problem, they will treat your issue with due respect, care?

If you need the technology of a wash & dry toilet for only a few months, then it doesn’t make financial sense to spend several hundred pounds; if it is going to be a long-term solution, then make the investment.

And also consider, if the latter, will your needs change? If so, can the technology be adapted to accommodate those changing needs? If so, then you’re really talking VFM (value for money), and definitely fit for purpose.

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