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“I’d never even thought about it…”

  • Angela May

Ken TownendWe’ve all had that moment- until you’re faced with a situation, it hadn’t occurred to you what were the due considerations. In the world of assistive technology, it pays to think about it!

In this case, it is what impact will that piece of equipment will have on your life. And considering disabled people pay £550/month more than able people on living costs (Papworth Trust), you need to get optimum value for money from that technology.

Key considerations should therefore also be how long will it benefit you? What difference will it make to your quality of life?

Equipment that has the capability to change as your condition and needs change, and/or that has a positive impact on your quality of life, may be quite an asset- even if it’s something as ‘simple’ as going to the loo. 

How do you put a price on being able to do that on your own, without having a loved one- or a stranger- pull your underwear up, down, wipe your bum? To plagiarise the words of a certain brand of charge card, that’s priceless!

And probably something you’d never even thought about…

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