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“I’d never even thought about it…”

  • Angela May

MS Support CentreTo the majority of people, the ability to access suitable toilets away from home is something they’ve never even thought about. It’s taken for granted that if, whilst having a coffee, meal out, shopping, in the cinema, there WILL be a loo for you to use. And sometimes you have the ‘audacity’ to complain if you have to pay for the privilege!

But if you need to be lifted onto a toilet, or wear nappies, it’s something you DO think about. It probably stops you going to a particular venue. It may stop you going out at all.

That affects up to 14million people in the UK, 20% of our population.

If you’re one of those people, do you know about Changing Places toilets? They give you, in addition to a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet, a further facility that gives more space, and that vital equipment- a ceiling track hoist, adult sized changing bench, washbasin, peninsular WC. And there is a further alternative, for locations that can’t afford the space or equipment for a full, ‘to specification’ Changing Places- Space to Change, which in essence gives the same equipment, but added into a larger than usual wheelchair-accessible toilet.

And if you manage, own a venue to which the public have access, have you even thought about it? By providing such facilities, you open the door to all those people, who, according to the Department of Work & Pensions, have a spending power of over £249BILLION a year. Disabled people account for 20% of the average business’ customer base.

So whether a user or provider, it’s something to think about…

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