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Freedom restored

  • Angela May

Most of us take for granted being able to go to the loo whenever we want, with privacy. The reality for anyone with physical and/or mental issues is that they cannot take toileting in private for granted.

Everyman External

Assistive technology such as a Closomat goes a long way to restoring that freedom….

The reality is that without that equipment, you are dependant on someone else, whether a family member or care worker. With the equipment, you have the freedom to ‘go’, when you want, and with privacy, independence.

A website tool- now means that freedom extends beyond the front door. Using handy search criteria, be it ‘away from home’ or holiday locations, you can go out for a few hours, the day, or even away for a few days, knowing you can find that -to you- essential piece of equipment beyond the front door.

The tool has details of every location we know of within those criteria that has a Closomat wash & dry toilet. It might be in a public convenience block in a town centre. It may be part of a larger, better-equipped (assisted) accessible toilet- a Changing Places or Space to Change facility. It may be a holiday destination, from a caravan park to a luxury hotel. And the map doesn’t just show you where the Closomats are; it identifies the type of venue too. So you won’t be in the embarrassing situation of arriving somewhere only to find you can’t use the loo!

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