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It could be you!

  • Angela May

NCP Bolton

When you read about people lobbying for a change to the law affecting the provision of accessible toilets in cinemas, shopping centres, stores, take a minute to consider: It could be you!

One in five of the UK population is registered disabled. 80% of disabled people weren’t born with their handicap; they developed an illness, they had an accident, an injury. They had to come to terms with the fact that things they had taken for granted- going to the cinema, shopping, eating out, suddenly became hard, or impossible to do alone.

At least one in every 260 people potentially can’t go to the loo when away from home. They need extra space to accommodate their carer(s). They may need lifting. They may need to be changed. None of those issues can be achieved in a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet. It is achieveable with a Changing Places, or Space to Change, facility. 

So next time you see a social media post campaigning for change in accessible toilet provision, please like, share, spread the message. 

It could be you!

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