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Helpful, for life!

  • Angela May

One thing that is inevitable in life is that we change as we age. Things we did, or wore, even last year may now no longer figure in our daily life.

The younger generation lives much more in a disposable society, where clothes, technology quickly becomes obsolete to their mind, and is thrown away. But then they won’t have outlaid much financially on it in the first place.

Others of us chose items that will last, and as far as possible evolve with us. We take a more strategic view abut cost per use, be it an item of clothing, piece of furniture, technology. And not just how many times we use it before it wears out, becomes superceded, but before it breaks, is no longer useable. Or whether it can be adapted to accommodate our changing needs…

It’s about ‘best value’.

If you need help with any part of daily life- even going to the toilet- the same rationale applies. You could buy a ‘cheap and cheerful’ option that will ‘do the job’ for a few months, options that cost a bit more and do the job, better, for longer, or go for the option that will evolve with you, and for a comparatively small extra cost be easily adapted, accessorised to accommodate your changing needs, for as long as you need it. 

To paraphrase, it’s about getting better outcomes for lower cost.

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