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It could be you!

  • Mark Sadler

Dr Ken TownendMost of us don’t give the impact of disability on daily life a passing thought. But maybe we should….

Latest data (Office of National Statistics) say one in five of us has some form of disability- visible or invisible.

Approximately 80%- eight million people in Britain- weren’t born with their disability. They developed a disease, began to suffer from a health condition. Or they had an accident. The causes are more numerous than people realise. Arthritis, cancer and diabetes are among the most common causes of disability, with mental health becoming increasingly prominent. But the biggest- and least talked about- life limiting condition is incontinence- bladder control affects more than 14million adults, and 6.5million of us have issues with our bowels!

The effect of the disability usually worsens with time too. Most of us know at least one of the nine million arthritis sufferers in the UK, and appreciate how their mobility and dexterity deteriorate over time. On average each year, over 7,000 diabetes sufferers have a lower limb amputation. According to Help Diabetes, the number has increased 15% in a decade, yet 80% of diabetes-related amputations could have been avoided with good care and self-management.

Don’t forget too that the majority of people have a family, the members of which are in turn affected by the limitations to daily life that are inevitable when living with a disability.

So it could happen to you…..

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