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Lack of accessibility could happen to you!

  • Kelvin Grimes

Daniel TennantFor most of us a normal day involves getting out of bed, daily ablutions, and walking out the door- to go to work, shopping, walk the dogs, maybe a spot of gardening. Maybe tomorrow, stop and take a second to think- what if you couldn’t?

We assume that, because we enjoy health and mobility now, we always will. Consider, 80% of disabled people were not born with their limitation. It happened to them. They may have had a genetic predisposition, it may have been beyond their control, it may have been self-inflicted. So it could happen to you. And that impacts not just on you, but your family.

The most common causes of disability are actually arthrtitis, cancer, diabetes. None of those necessarily means the sufferer needs a wheelchair.

In today’s building design, we incorporate wheelchair ramps, hearing loops, and perhaps braille signs. Yet of our 10million+ disabled people, only 10% are wheelchair users, a similar number have hearing issues, two million people suffer from sight loss.

So it is time to change our way of thinking about accessibility? Remember, it could happen to you.

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