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Corporate social responsibility in the toilet can improve the bottom line

  • Kelvin Grimes

Kelvin Grimes

The definition of corporate social responsibility is the idea that businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society.

By heading to the toilet, an organisation can deliver something that benefits society, but which simultaneously opens its doors to potentially up to at least 20% more customers.

Being able to access suitable toilets is a basic human right. But for too many disabled people, it is a right that is denied them if they go beyond their front door. The current legal provision isn’t suitable. They need more space. They may need to be lifted. They may need changing. Or all three!

Currently 1 in 5 people in the UK is disabled. Many of those people need a carer to help them. So if the disabled person can’t access your business, you are not only excluding them, but their carer too. They may be part of a family. So you are excluding the whole family.

And what about the carer? If they can’t access your premises with the person they care for, they are also lost customers. That extends again to toilet provision: if they need the loo, what are they supposed to do? Abandon their vulnerable charge alone, outside the facility? 

Make your operation accessible and you open your doors to all of them. And they will tell their friends, who will also then come. It snowballs. 

All it needs is a little more space. A hoist. A changing bench. Satisfy those requirements, and you satisfy corporate social responsibility, in a way never even thought of!

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