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  • Angela May

The announcement of a trial whereby patients are discharged to ‘crowd source’ intermediate care by renting a room in a private individual’s home is causing a furore…yet solutions already exist that avoid the whole situation, and enable people to be discharged, to their own home, without provision of care worker support.

No-one disputes bed-blocking is a huge issue: indeed, CareRooms itself claims 42% of patients do not need to be in hospital. They are still there because there isn’t the support at home, or because of mobility issues. Often, the delay is caused by the lack of available care workers to give that support. 

Yet, for a similar- or often smaller- cost than that proposed by the new trial, or that of providing that care worker support, patients COULD go home, their actual needs be met, and their independence and dignity preserved or enhanced. Bear in mind, if the patient needs any additional care support, it is an extra cost, on top of the basic provision of a bed and meals…. 

The solution is to use assistive technology. We accept it is not a solution in all cases, but it can have a positive impact in many. People may just need support to undertake their daily intimate care. They may just need help to get on and off the toilet. They may need help to wipe themselves after toileting. 

Yet providing such equipment into the patient’s own home ensures they can be discharged without the requirement for that care support. Being in their own home, their feeling of wellbeing is enhanced. Their recuperation is potentially accelerated. 

Rose Murphy is a case in point. After a rotator cuff repair, she was being held in hospital because of a perceived need for care support at home. Her Closomat wash & dry toilet was instrumental in persuading nursing staff to discharge her. Find out more here:

Jay Denton has eliminated the need for care support with her toilet lift: it’s there if/ as she needs it, ensuring she doesn’t end up sat on her WC waiting for someone to help her off: find out more here.

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