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The thrill of going to the loo- “worth every penny!”

Steven Elliott Potters LooGoing to the lavatory is now a “marvellous” experience for Steven Elliott-Potter, since he invested in a Closomat wash & dry toilet.

The 61 year-old from Bedford, who is already defying medical expertise, has bought the assistive technology on the recommendation of his Occupational Therapist: deterioration in his arthritis meant he was increasingly struggling to wipe himself, and was worrying whether he was clean. 

Steven Elliott PotterSevere arthritis is only one of his issues, having recovered from a brain tumour in 2012 for which he is currently in remission; Steve also suffers from tophi gout, kidney failure, diabetes and heart issues- indeed, his cardiologist only gave him six months to live- eight months ago. “You can’t take money with you can you? This is worth every penny!” is his attitude about his new Closomat Palma Vita toilet. 

The Closomat looks like, and can be used as, a conventional WC; its integrated douching and drying means, that, if required, the toilet ensures the user is cleaned without the need to manually wipe. Indeed, whilst Steven uses the washing and drying features, his wife Ruby and family visitors also use the Closomat, as a traditional toilet. 

“It has given me my dignity back!” he says. “It gives me a thrill every time I use it, it’s brilliant, marvellous! I don’t have to ask my wife to help me, I can ‘go’ on my own, whenever I want.” 

Most of the time Steven can trigger the douching and drying processes by using hand or body pressure on the flush pads; for bad days, he has an infra-red control, so he can still operate the Closomat. 

The infra-red control is just one of a range of accessories for the Closomat Palma Vita, that can be fitted either initially or retrospectively as user needs change. The options mean over 150,000 permutations exist, enabling the toilet to be tailored to individual requirements.

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