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Sandra Walline

Lifted to new heights of independence


pensioner who has no strength in her arms is managing to retain her dignity and independence with minimal care support into her eighth decade, in part thanks to her toilet! 

Sandra WallineSandra (76) contracted polio when she was just 20. After several years of stability, she developed Post Polio Syndrome, with increasing muscle weakness; she now has no functional arm muscles and little strength in her legs. She uses an electric wheelchair, but is still able to transfer unassisted from wheelchair to toilet with the aid of her height-adjustable Closomat Lima Lifter at her London home. 

The Lima Lifter can be used as a conventional toilet; it has built-in douching and drying to eliminate the need to either self-clean with toilet tissue, or have someone else do it. Unlike any other wash & dry toilet on the market, it is fully height-adjustable, via electronic controls in the integral arm supports: it can be lowered so the seat is just 430mm (17ins) from the floor, and raised to 730mm (29ins), to facilitate transfer and/or enable the height to be set to the user’s optimum convenience.

Sandra Wallines Lima Lifter“It’s invaluable! I couldn’t live without it! I often have houseguests, and they use it too,” she said. “As my condition has deteriorated, I have gone from a normal loo, to raised seats, but I felt perched, unstable. With the Closomat, I can raise it to transfer, and then lower it so I feel comfortable and safe while I am using it. Initially I could do it all myself, I was totally independent. Now I don’t even have the strength to operate the controls, so my carer has to adjust it for me. But at least I don’t have to have her clean me afterwards, as the toilet does all that- I still have my dignity!”

Closomat is the UK’s leading supplier of toileting technology for disabled and elderly people. The Lima Lifter compliments the brand-leading Palma Vita wash & dry toilet, both are only wash & dry toilets available manufactured in Britain. Closomat also provides a selection of personal care ancillaries- toilet lifters, height adjustable washbasins, hoists, changing benches and body driers.

Founded 55 years ago, and still family-owned, Closomat is unique in its provision, in-house, of design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance. Details of the Closomat’s assistive toilet care offerings, plus further case studies from real-life users, can be found on Closomat’s website here.

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