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Empower clients to transfer safely, single-handedly

Written by Angela May Published: 30 June 2019 

In the drive to optimise efficient use of care resources, and use one person in place of two to deliver support and assistance, Closomat is suggesting a more dignified approach to manual handling and transfer, that potentially pays for itself within four months(*).

rob cains palmaOne of the most common aspects where manual handling is required is to help the client get on and off the toilet. Closomat’s Aerolet toilet lifter enables care intervention to be halved, or even eliminated in the process, where appropriate. 

“Dignity and control are significant considerations in any situation where care support may be needed,” observes Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “Aerolet restores both to the user, enabling the person to do a very private function either single handedly in its truest sense, or at least with reduced help. It makes for a nicer, safer experience for all concerned.”

Fitted over the WC, the Aerolet provides a safe, controlled means of getting on and off. The unit automatically and smoothly lowers the user over and onto the toilet and then raises them to standing, whilst ensuring their centre of gravity and thus balance remains stable. It is all controlled by the push of a button via integral arm supports, which simultaneously provide additional bracing and safety as the user transfers from wheelchair or frame to the toilet. 

rosemarie lawy how it worksThe Aerolet thus minimises or eliminates the requirement for carer intervention in the toileting process. It also eliminates exposure to risk of injury during the transfer process, for both the carer and client, particularly in bariatric scenarios: Aerolet has a load bearing capacity of 24st/150kg.

As the Aerolet replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, but enables the user to weight bear if capable, it can help maintain what muscle strength and function they have.

Uniquely in toilet lifting assistive technology, the Aerolet is available in either vertical or tilt options. The vertical version is best suited for people with limited lower body and limb strength and/or with balance issues, whereas the tilt suits people with control over/ strength in their legs.

Closomat offers Aerolets that are compatible with both its brand-leading wash dry toilet, the Palma Vita, and also conventional WCs. Appreciating that space can be restricted when adding equipment in a bathroom adaptation, a small version is also available being just 650mm wide compared to the 710mm of the standard versions.

Whichever version is chosen, its price compared to staff costs is amortised within a few months(*).

Further details are available here:


(*) care package of 14 hours/week @ £15/hour v purchase price of Aerolet £3075

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