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Counting the cost of care

  • Angela May

There is an opportunity to potentially almost double the effective use of available funds in stretched care budgets.

cost of careWhere appropriate, provision of assistive equipment can enable the care recipient to be independent, and in control, whilst freeing care staff for duties where their physical support is essential.

Closomat’s care package restores the client’s ability to go to the toilet without help. In a ‘year of care’ scenario, it costs between 25- 50% the cost of providing care staff to provide the same assistance- to help the client on and off the toilet, and/or to clean them(1).

The technology is a one-off cost, that will enable independent, consistent cleanliness and hygiene for years. The care support is an ongoing, year-on-year cost.

Beyond the financial implications, the provision of enabling equipment further enhances the recipient’s mental health and wellbeing, thus having a positive impact in PROM(2) and HRQoL(3) terms. It can improve hygiene, reducing incidence of skin complaints. It eliminates manual handling, with all the associated positive benefits for care recipient, staff.

Closomat’s care package comprises its brand-leading Palma Vita floor-standing shower/ wash dry toilet, and/or Aerolet toilet lift.

“In appropriate situations, it’s a win: win situation,” says Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “There is growing awareness of the potential to make better and greater use of assistive technology in the care sector, and to take a more holistic approach to care provision. In its truest definition, assistive technology is any aid which enables a person to undertake ADLs(4) independently: our care package does just that, giving independence and control over a very private, intimate ADL.”

(1) Care package to provide support 2 hours/day, x 7 days/week @ £15/hour= £10,950 (Money Advice Service 2018); cost of Closomat Palma Vita £2660, plus Aerolet £3075= £5735
(2) PROM patient report outcome measurement
(3) HRWQoL health related quality of life
(4) ADL activity(ies) of daily living

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