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How will your new assistive tech look? (con)figure it out first…

  • Angela May

The problem of visualising how your new independent living aid will look, and help you retain your dignity and independence, has been simplified with a new tool.

pv configuratorClosomat, originator of shower toilets in the UK, has launched an online configurator tool on its website, for Britain’s #1-selling wash dry WC, the Closomat Palma Vita. The Palma Vita tool follows from the piloting of a similar facility for Closomat’s Asana wall-hung unit, billed as the ultimate shower toilet on the market.

Simply by clicking on the various accessories available, you can see what your new Palma Vita toilet will look like, and thus how each option would benefit you. The tool also gives you a cumulative price.

“When you add up all the variations available for the Palma- different douches, seats, supports, height, operating mechanisms, there are almost 150,000 permutations,” explains Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “The new configurator tool helps ensure the toilet is tailored to your exact needs, and to see how it will look.

“Such customer interaction and involvement is increasingly standard in home interior design. In our commitment to customer care, it is logical to extend configurator technology to enable clients to visualise their toilet, particularly when you bear in mind we spend on average three hours a week using our loo. To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer of assistive toilet technology to offer such a facility.”

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