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Child Support

  • Angela May

Simple, cost-effective paediatric assistive technology can overcome the problems of enabling a disabled child to use the bathroom, and change the families’ lives for the better.

riftonThe number of children with complex needs has increased by more than 50% in a decade(1). For more than 40% of families with a disabled child, using the toilet/bathroom is difficult because of its lack of suitability and adaptation(2). Figures show that up to 10% of children in the UK are disabled, having physical and/or mental disabilities(2).

Closomat has produced a white paper offering guidance on paediatric toileting: ‘Guidance and considerations in the provision of toilet aids for disabled children’. It is available for free download here:

Alongside, Closomat offers a range of toilet supports that give the child or young adult the ability to go to the toilet with little- or no- help, and with little- or no- adaptation nor disruption to the home. Says Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “We go to the toilet eight times a day: no wonder suitable access has a huge impact on daily life, and is a growing issue for families with disabled children. It matters that the child’s learning to use new equipment is kept to a minimum, whilst their development of life skills is optimised.”

The Closomat paediatric range can accommodate children as small as 30ins/0.762m, up to young adults. It can accommodate size up to 68kg/ 10.7st. Depending on option chosen, it can be used with or without a Closomat wash dry/ shower toilet.

The core element is the Rifton HTS (Hygiene Toileting System), a complete, “tilt in space” shower chair. It can be used over a conventional WC or a Closomat Palma Vita. The HTS is complimented by a clip-on version for the Palma Vita.

The clip-on option enables the child to be appropriately supported when sat on the Closomat, yet is easily removable so the toilet can be used by the rest of the household. It thereby enables the child to be as independent as possible, and develop self care skills, with optimum hygiene and cleanliness.

(1) Council for Disabled Children
(2) Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Closomat Limited, Building 1, Brooklands Place, Brooklands Road, Sale Cheshire, M33 3SD