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Closomat option helps extend good outcome management

  • Angela May

An outcome that delivers enhanced health, wellbeing for the client/patient, and has financial benefits for the care provider, is achieveable, by adopting a holistic approach to living aids.

aerolet tiltThe solution centres around installing a Closomat wash dry/ shower toilet, and/or toilet lifter, or similar combination, to enable the client to use the WC unaided. Their dignity and independence is maintained or restored. Care support and intervention can redeployed in alternative scenarios, where use of ‘tech’ is not appropriate. It delivers better use of available financial resources.

“Would you want someone to wipe your bottom, to help you on and off the toilet?” asks Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “Equally, would you want to wipe someone’s bottom? Using appropriate daily living aids empowers the client/ patient to be in control, to deliver a care outcome that they want. It also makes best use of resources: ‘year of care’ cost analysis shows the one-off
cost of providing our equipment is equivalent to half- or better- the cost of providing care worker support to help someone go to the toilet, which is an on-going, year-on-year cost(*).”

Heather Scott ratifies the proposition. The 27 year-old has a rare genetic disorder, and is blind. She says, “The Closomat has made such a difference to my dignity and independence: going to the toilet is now one thing I can do that my carers don’t have to do for me.”

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