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Timely solution to ease ‘hidden’ housing crisis

  • Angela May

A report by the Equality & Human Right Commissions maintains that part of Britain’s ‘hidden housing crisis’ is due to the length of time and poor workmanship in completing home adaptations.

closomat accesible bathroomIn the bathroom at least, a solution to facilitate an efficient, professional and timely adaptation is available.

Closomat, Britain’s brand leader in accessible toilet and intimate care equipment, is now fully CDM (Construction Design & Management) 2015 compliant. The qualification compliments the company’s established service that already offers site survey, design advice, supply, installation and commissioning. Thus, clients can be assured that using Closomat will help address the challenge of making a timely bathroom adaptation.

“Housing is the cornerstone of independent living, yet many disabled people live in homes that do not meet their requirements,” says Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “According to the EHRC report, one of the primary challenges facing local authority providers in particular is project execution: poor workmanship, delay in completing the work, and the difficulty finding reliable sub contractors. Our project management service is designed to help overcome all of those issues, bringing to bear our proven reputation for quality, bearing in mind the most common room to be adapted under a DFG is the bathroom, and the toilet the most common fixture therein to be changed.”

The service is led by, but not confined to, a toilet adaptation- replacement of a conventional WC with a Closomat shower toilet. Closomat’s service also encompasses height-adjustable washbasins, toilet lifters, shower seats, ceiling track hoists, and changing beds, including specialist paediatric and bariatric solutions.

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