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Quality assurance in the bathroom

  • Angela May

Innovation and engineering excellence are being showcased with the latest WC innovation.

asana engineeringThe Closomat Asana shower toilet unites British and Swiss innovation and engineering excellence to bring to market what is claimed to be the most aspirational in “smart” WCs.

The Asana’s ceramic pan is produced in the first sanitaryware factory to be opened in the past 25 years within the porcelain heartland of The Potteries (in Fenton, Stoke on Trent). Each bowl is finished to achieve the engineered precision and exacting tolerances required for optimum performance. The flush technology has been developed in the UK’s industrial heartland, the Black Country. The douche mechanism is hand-machined from solid billet in Switzerland.

asana spray“The whole ethos behind Asana was to develop a toilet that was aspirational, as well as functional in terms of enabling people to be independent, at least with their toilet needs,” explains Mark Sadler, Closomat Sales Director. “Just because someone may need help to use the WC (now or in the future) does not mean they have to ‘make do’ with a product that looks institutional, and/or is of inferior quality. The Closomat Asana is desirable from bottom up: it is stylish, delivers the best wash and dry performance available, and is built to last a lifetime, compliant with all current requirements.

“We use the toilet on average eight times a day- probably more than any other fixture in the home. It therefore needs to cope with that degree of usage, year in year out.”

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