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Head to the bathroom when planning for the future

  • Angela May

Planning for the future involves more than ensuring finances are organised. What about a client’s home? Is that “future-proofed”?


Asana lightAs we get older, one of the main ‘activities’ people struggle with is using the bathroom, particularly the toilet. Something that can be managed now becomes harder as manual dexterity, balance and mobility deteriorate. Indeed, the bathroom is the most frequent room to be altered under home adaptations, with the toilet being the most frequently addressed fixture.

The new Asana from Closomat overcomes the struggle. Whilst it can be used as a conventional WC, with its fully-automatic integrated douching and drying, you just ‘go’ then push a button for the ultimate in hygienic cleaning, without having to wipe.

The douche and drying processes offer a choice of standard douche, rotating, pulsing, temperature variation- or ‘ all in one’, followed by warm air drying.

Asana’s contemporary, wall-hung styling, range of hidden cistern finishes and choice of flush designs and operating mechanisms ensure you can tailor it to suit client needs and compliment the bathroom.

And, uniquely, Closomat’s Asana is supplied by a family-owned, British company, complete with a heritage spanning almost six decades, and UK-based sales & support.

asana sprayIt is also British engineered, with its pan hand-thrown in the first sanitaryware ceramics factory to be opened in The Potteries for more than 20 years, and its plumbing manufactured in The Black Country.

To see how Asana can contribute to making daily life comfortable , now and in the long term, visit:

Closomat Limited, Building 1, Brooklands Place, Brooklands Road, Sale Cheshire, M33 3SD